Boba Fetts Slave I

So it came to our attention that supposedly Slave I will lose it’s name and is only to be called a starship!


For 40 friggin years this ship was called Slave I and it will be forever Slave I, if you like the use of the word Slave or not! Just by not using a word or ignoring it doesn’t mean you change history or make life better. You achieve the opposite, you create more hate, more division.

You wanna lose more customers, create another stir in the Star Wars community, go right ahead. What’s next? Are we stop using the “Wars” in Star Wars? Because Wars, what are they good for? Will we end up with just an opening crawl and the end credits? Blowing up planets is not environmentally friendly? Will we scratch the “Millennium” from the Falcon because Millennials could be offended?

Get real people, stop creating problems where there are NONE. Keep the politics out of Star Wars. Star Wars is our hobby, our escape from “real life” our way of dreaming from a galaxy far far away. This is Star Wars, a science fiction fairy tale. This has nothing to do with earths history. Plain and simple. If you are too sensitive grow up and grow a pair. Stop catering to minorities (no not those minorities, the vocal,confused ones) that want to push you into overly political correct nonsense. It does not work for your business, the more you listen to these people the more you drive a MAJORITY of people away that are your customers!!! Newsflash, those people that you supposedly cater to with this utter nonsense WILL NOT BUY FROM YOU because you think you listened to them and changed things to look like it’s political correct. They are just laughing that you fell for this.

Where will this ever end? Did Grace Jones have a problem singing “Slave to the Rhytm”? Are we gonna ask her to change it to “Captured woman of color with a forced migration background to the Rhytm”??? Can we no longer say that a second hard drive is a slave? Should we think about dropping Black Widow from Marvel? Think about what a Black Widow does! You can see issues in everything if you look long enough.

I could go on for days and thousands of examples, but I guess you get the point. Repeat after me SLAVE I ! Then, now and forever!

Volker C.,

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