This is Slave I, say it, it’s easy, S-L-A-V-E-I, Slave I !!!

So it came to our attention that supposedly Slave I will lose it’s name and is only to be called a starship!


For 40 friggin years this ship was called Slave I and it will be forever Slave I, if you like the use of the word Slave or not! Just by not using a word or ignoring it doesn’t mean you change history or make life better. You achieve the opposite, you create more hate, more division.

You wanna lose more customers, create another stir in the Star Wars community, go right ahead. What’s next…

Photoshopped image of Hasbro’s upcoming The Vintage Collection Gen. Merrick X-Wing

Everybody alive has some kind of story why he or she likes toys, likes a particular toy or has memories about their toys. Getting older I will always remember youth, growing up like all of you. Some who grew up and who try to be important and act so grown up try to deny, but deep in your hearts you all have those feelings. Feelings that some marketing efforts ignore.

In this fast paced world we live in now, connected around the world through the internet, TV, news channels 24 hours around the world, one can easily lose focus trying…

Bespin freezing chamber scene from The Empire Strikes Back recreated with 3.75 inch figures from Hasbro ©

Do you all remember one of Tom Hanks best movies called “BIG”?

Well, I do, on a daily basis whenever I see advertisements, catch phrases, product. And I sometimes wonder what did they think when they came up with that idea. This article is not about something in particular, just some random thoughts that I’d like to share to make you the reader think about your own strategies and behaviour.

In the movie BIG Tom Hanks played 12 year old Josh Baskin who as a kid felt left out, too short to get on a carnival ride, trying to impress…

Instagram blocks accounts at random!

Get off Facebook and Instagram now!

You know the saying, if it’s cheap it’s not worth anything. The same holds true for Instagram and the rest of the company. We had an account for years on instagram as an add on for our website which we got locked out of by instagram for no reason. Let me share what happened.

We do not post much, when we do we posted images and added the usual hashtags. Why are people on instagram? They show stuff to the world and hope they get a “like” because it…

Darth Vader entering the Tantive IV in Star Wars Episode IV recreated with 3.75 inch figures from Hasbro ©

Before I start let me give you, the reader a little info why Volker C was chosen as a username decades ago. First and foremost it is the short version of a full name, secondly it was chosen to represent a real person not a fictious name like vader66, or else. (No pun intended in case someone uses the fictious name mentioned.) Furthermore the short version was chosen because a full name would suggest importance, not trying to be important, Volker C stands for all collectors and fans out there and can be replaced by Dave D., Jenny H.,….everybody can…

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